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Common Questions

We are happy to answer any questions you have about our retreats. Here are a few that others have asked:

Do online retreats really work?

Yes. An online retreat offers many of the same benefits of in-person retreats: protected time away from day-to-day concerns; space for reflection; gentle conversations; a slower pace. Of course, you won't have the advantage of a fresh physical environment, which can be helpful in finding new perspectives. Being in your own environment may offer advantages, too. No travel time, for one. And the transition from retreat to daily life can be smoother and allow you to bring new insights forward more easily. 

We can tell you that participants in  our recent Spring Retreat for Teachers often mentioned how surprised they were at how well an online retreat worked for them.

When you register for an online retreat we will offer some tips for making your retreat experience a good one. 

 Whether in-person or online, our retreats offer an opportunity for self-care and renewal.

What can I expect?

Our retreats focus on pausing and stepping away from daily routines. Texts, images and art will act as catalysts for introspection. Gentle guidelines will support sharing in small groups. Simple meditations and gentle exercises will offer rest and renewal. 

 What if the weather is inclement?

Heavy rain or stormy weather may necessitate moving a scheduled outdoor retreat to an online setting. 

Why are your retreats free or at such a low cost?

Expenses for online and outdoor retreats are low and we will endeavour to use beautiful and reasonably priced space for indoor retreat so that cost is not an obstacle to participation. We wish, simply, to open space for spontaneous, welcoming communities that invite individual and reflection and 

Who are you people, again?

Click here for more information about us. Our retreats are not affiliated with any organization or institutions and we are not trying to sell you anything. We really do want to offer others the gift of time and space to rest, reflect and renew spirit.

Registration and Information

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