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​Why I'm offering a course about aging...

      You know I should have seen it coming: just a little less interest in the job I had loved for so long. Happy to show up everyday, of course. But almost imperceptible thoughts were creeping in. Maybe someone younger, might enjoy this job more, do something different, or even (horrors!) be better at it. Maybe there is something else I am meant to do.

      I still loved walking, of course, long and far. But I really did like the flat bits better than the hilly ones.  And sitting and enjoying the view - now there's the magic!

      Being around people was shifting, too. Sure, sure, I loved having those great, stimulating conversations but I also longed for solitude and the quiet it brought. I even found my usual cheerful self turning grouchy if I didn't get some regular alone time. Maybe I was just recognizing that I'm an introvert?

      Old, creative interests, things I hadn't had time for in years, were bubbling up.

      And the beauty of the sunrise or sunset ....

      And then, there was the whole mortality thing. As in, it turns out I'm mortal.



      Am I actually getting older?

      I mean yes, of course.

      We all are.

      Can't be helped.

      But, like, what does that mean?

      Should I walk more?

      Take vitamins?

      Exercise my brain?

      Take on more projects?

      I am fine with being older, number-wise. What choice do I have anyway? But actually being old? 


      And just where is that aversion coming from? No, really.

      Oh, could it be a little thing called societal pressure? Where old people are so often viewed either as charming and interesting and so valuable for the experiences they have had, OR  burdens, lonely and, sometimes, out of sight altogether. And to be an older woman... well... don't get me started.


      Or am I making that up?

      True or not, what can I do about it?

      Is there a way to face this aging thing with some grace, integrity and courage? Can I really understand it as growing older, not just getting older?

      If any of this sounds familiar and these questions intrigue you, I invite you to join me for a monthly series exploring the challenges and gifts of aging today.

      We won't talk about what to eat, how to stay fit, which supplements to take.

      Instead, we'll explore what aging means for each one of us and consider how we can enter into it with intention and openness. We'll take on some big questions and think about the challenges aging presents. And, importantly, we'll focus on the gifts that aging offers.

      We'll draw on the wisdom of folks like Mary Pipher, Maya Angelou, Caryl Ann Casbon, Parker Palmer and other elders to spur our thinking and open new perspectives. We'll follow simple, elegant guidelines so that we can hear each other clearly and everyone feels heard.

      It will be a hybrid offering - you can choose to attend in-person or online.


      Not sure? 

      Want to know more?

      I'm offering a free, online, introductory session on Thursday October 28, 7:30 pm ET. It will give you a taste of what this series will be about and how it will work. The monthly series will start on Thursday, November 11, 7:30 pm in-person at the Centre for Social Innovation (near Bloor and Bathurst in Toronto) AND online wherever you happen to be.

For more information [email protected]

Or register here: